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To fulfill your needs of invitation and greeting cards, Prima Card offers various kinds of items for the invitation or card according to your need. All items will have a high quality and beautiful finished product to accompany the process of your important day.

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If you already have the invitation design of your dreams, we can help you bring it to life! With a big collection of items and techniques, Prima Card can help by making the invitation for your important day more personal and meaningful.

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Love The Laser Cutting!

" To be honest saya biasa aja perasaannya pas liat invitation wedding kita yang udah jadi, mungkin karena expectation saya terlalu tinggi, tapi surprisingly, semua orang muji undangannya, terutama karena bagian laser cutting di cover dan pemilihan warna yang cocok banget. Tp saya & pasangan puas kok sama pelayanannya primacard, dari mulai proses design, sampai selesai. Semua tepat waktu dan tanggap. "

Eunike Hendra