Here are some of the frequently asked questions for us about our Wedding Invitation and Greeting Card production services. You can find the answer for your questions right away!

What determines the price of the invitation card?

There are several aspects that determine the price of an invitation like the size, type of paper that will be used, printed colors and quantity of the order.

How do I start the ordering process?

You can browse through our designs on our website or contact Prima Card to schedule an appointment so we will be able to help you to choose the concept based from the theme of your wedding. We can also discuss to set what you need for the invitations.

How does the payment process works?

You will need to pay 30% of the final price as a down payment when you confirmed your order. After that, the rest 70% will need to be paid after the finalization of the invitation draft and dummy.

Do you have a price list?

We do not have a fixed price list because every customer has unique requests and different quantity and needs.

How long will it take to finish the production process for the Wedding Invitations?

The process will need to take about one and a half month from the finalization of the design.

Is there a minimum number for the order?

We do not set a minimum number because our price will depend on the quantity. The more that you order, means the price will be lower.

When is the best time to start the ordering process for Wedding Invitations?

It is best to start the process 4 months before the big day.

Do you accept Express Order?

Yes, we do accept express order with the production process determined by the design you choose.