Do you need a Wedding Invitation or Greeting Card for an important and impressionable moment? Prima Card provides various types of cards that will be able to bring the special invitation of your dreams to life!

Soft Cover

Having a soft cover for your Wedding Invitation will be able to keep it neat and attractive until it reached the recipient. Unique and adjustable design will make your invitation looks special!

Single Board

A minimalist Wedding Invitation never goes out of style! Even without many supporting ornaments, single board invitations will be able to show all the informations easily and still having a unique and creative design.

Hard Cover

All invitations need to stay neat until it reaches your friends and family and we have the solution! With high quality and sturdy material, hard covered invitations won’t break easily, keeping the beauty of your invitation intact.


Get the most special and unique Wedding Invitation with our 3D technique! Overall design can be adjusted to your needs and wedding theme, making your invitation feels more personal and meaningful.


For a more exclusive and elegant look, you are able to choose the box model for your Wedding Invitation! Prima Card gives full freedom and flexibility to our premade designs so it can be suitable to your requests.

Laser Cut

Are you wishing for a Wedding Invitation with unique ornaments and one of a kind? Our laser cut model will give beauty and uniqueness to your Wedding Invitations with shaped paper cut decorating technique that can be adjusted to your request.

Oriental Card

If you want your Wedding Invitation to have an Oriental touch, Prima Card offers various designs and models that can be adjusted to the theme of your wedding and your requests.

Pop Up Card

One of the unique designs is pop up card! You can choose which part of the invitation to emphasize with the pop up when the card is opened, giving a special impression for your family and friends.


Make your Wedding invitation more special for your guests! Prima Card will be able to combine the invitation card with a souvenir so your family and friends can use it even after your wedding.


Give your Wedding Invitation an Indonesian traditional touch with designs that showcase the elements of our traditional culture! You will be able to mix the unique design and concept from Prima Card with the model that you want.